Our international portfolio management structure houses dedicated teams to allocate assets and provide oversight in the following areas:


Our industry portfolio has comprised operations in over 40 countries with manufacturing plants on all continents. These businesses included waste hauling, recycling, trading, consulting, environmental engineering, and the world’s largest waste logistics equipment company.
  Private Equity & Venture Capital

Portfolio companies have included manufacturers of Taiwanese chips, Israeli antennas, Swiss milling and turning inserts, an American piping systems service provider, and European casinos.
  Real Estate

Our portfolio comprises primarily commercial and industrial real estate in Europe, North and South America.
  Asset Management

Since 2000, the Group has offered tailor-made asset allocation and advisory services for diversified portfolios with absolute returns. Our perspective is unrestricted in terms of geography and asset classes.

Family Office

CFO acts as an interface for stakeholders like management, shareholders, and advisors. Family office functions include portfolio strategy, planning and allocation, controlling, reporting, corporate governance, treasury/legal/tax counsel, corporate/shareholder advice, public relations, art administration, and comfort services.


CFO provides grants, internships, training, advice, and an international network to exceptional students whose circumstances would otherwise limit access to the world’s leading educational institutions. We support underprivileged talents who have proven academic excellence, commitment to their communities, and excellence in their extracurricular lives.

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